Can you use your Netflix account anywhere around the World?


DTVUSA Jr. Member
You can use your Netflix account in any country that has Netflix support. Netflix is currently available in many Countries like North America, and across the UK and some parts of Europe. As long as you are in a Country that has Netflix access you can use your account to log in and access Netflix. You will however only have access to that particular Countries Netflix selection. Netflix determines what Country you have access to depending upon the IP and DNS address you are connecting from, and these are different in each country.


It is true that Netflix will not allow you to connect from a country, where it is not supported. If you are an ex-pat though or if you are travelling abroad and you wish to indulge in live streaming, a possible solution is to subscribe to a VPN service provider. In this way, you can alter your IP address and appear let's say in the US, rather than somewhere in Europe or Asia. Since the Netflix account is valid, there will be no extra problem for you - it is certainly worth trying it out and seeing if it works!
Yes i can watch Netflix but through different method as i am using vpn tool that allow me to access Netflix outside the us in any region. I am using paid vpn tool so i can easily unblock it without errors. If someone also want to stream Netflix so they can go for vpn tools.