Canada is stealing US Television Broadcasts

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From the article:

... The U.S. TV Coalition believes its members should be treated the same as the Canadian stations. “Our channels deliver value for Canadians,” said Chris Musial, the general manager for Buffalo-based WIVB and WNLO-TV, in a statement. “We expect the right to negotiate appropriate compensation for the full value that our signals and programming deliver to Canadian markets.”



The Graveyard Shift
Sounds like a money grab to me, the american stations arent technically licensed to broadcast in Canada anyway (nor vice versa), but its obviously alot easier to set up television stations in the border regions if such stations are tolerated on both sides, status quo sounds good to me.


So US broadcasters are upset their signals can be intercepted by Canadians and want compensation? Why? Americans don't pay for US signals either. Don't the Canadians have to watch our commercials, too?