Canada to auction off radio frequency blocks

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Government to auction off radio frequency blocks - The Globe and Mail

From the article:

"Canada will auction two blocks of radio frequency spectrum once potential bidders have the available cash and foreign funding issues are clarified, the federal industry minister said on Friday.

Tony Clement did not give a time frame for the auctions but said he had met with the chief executives of the major telecom companies in recent months and consultations would continue, especially regarding their ability to raise funds.

“We know that 700 megahertz is going to be available as people switch to digital TV,” Clement told reporters. “And we know that the 2500 megahertz is also going to be available, so I have instructed my department to get ready and to start the process rolling.”

Industry Canada has said it could auction the 700 megahertz auction by the end of 2012." ...


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As long as nobody is playing with 89.7 MHz near me I am fine. I broadcast a signal on that frequency with a power of 25 milliwatts. It gives me everything I want from my sound system out to a radio I use out by the backyard pool. A couple of my neighbors tune in as well at times. :)