Canadians Are Watching More TV

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From the Toronto Sun article:

"Proclamations about the death of traditional television in the Internet era are overblown. A new report suggests Canadians are watching more cable TV than last year, even as streaming becomes more popular." ...

Canadians watching more TV: Report | Health & Fitness | Life | Toronto Sun


* Note: I thought "traditional" television reception was done using an antenna, not via a paid Cable service.


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All I know is that they have a lot of folks watching Saving Hope, my favorite show of the season that NBC snubbed so rudely and abruptly.


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Is it just me or were no solid sources listed? Where are they getting this information from, and is it possibly biased? Personally I think TV is still as popular as ever, it's not being replaced with streaming, but it is being used alongside it more and more I think.