Cancel service with no Fee! - DirecTV

What more do I need to do or say to get this company to realize that I'm very unhappy with the service that we receive from Direct TV? I have called and told them a few times now. I feel that with the service provided even after being fix still doesn't work properly is crap! So why can't I get my service cancelled with no early termination fee? I don't understand how it's ok for a company to pride themselves on customer service and then treat their customers like crap! At this point I'm about to rip the dish off my roof and the resevers in my house out and ship them back with a very not so nice letter to whom it my concern.
I understand that it may only be $140 early termination fee, but when you can afford to pay it right now with the holidays around the corner and two kids to care for its a lot to us.
I'm not happy and that should be enough reason to be able to cancel my service and not have to pay.
Not to mention we have only had the service for 6 weeks!

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