Cancelling service because of MPEG-4 - XFinity

I will be cancelling my service on Wednesday because of Comcast's atrocious MPEG-4 conversion. I am lucky enough to have a local overbuilder that has decent service, and excellent HD picture quality, so I can keep my TiVo and cable modem. Many others are no so lucky, and will have to make harder decisions in light of the MPEG-4 conversion.

Let me be clear, MPEG-4 itself is fine, how Comcast is using it cram 9 or 10 channels per QAM is completely unacceptable. DirecTV is running 6 or 7 channels in an equivalent amount of bandwidth on a transponder using MPEG-4, their picture quality is excellent, and they have kept 1080i channels at 1080i. Comcast's picture quality with the new down-rezzed and heavily compress MPEG-4 channels is totally unacceptable. Just as more people are moving to UHD TVs wiht spectacular image quality, and streaming keeps getting better and better, with near Blu-Ray quality from many streaming providers, Comcast has decided to compress their channels so heavily that they barely look HD at all, and look more like YouTube before they had HD and had mostly grainy cat videos.

I will not be getting Comcast in the future, at least so long as the picture quality is extremely sub-standard, and I hope others follow suit, not only to get the experience that they are paying for, but to tell Comcast that this is unacceptable, and we should be getting a top quality service for their high rates, not the worst of any major MSO in the US.

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