cancelling service oh excuse me, I can't say slang for angry so "ticked" off. - Dire

cancelling service oh excuse me, I can't say slang for angry so "ticked" off. - Dire

Why is it so golly darned difficult with this company!!!

I hope there is some assistance here, the frustration level is extremely high on my end. We were very happy customers in Georgia until we were moving to Michigan. We put our account on a hold status to the advice of customer cancellation and we lived in limbo for several weeks. From Early September until November we did not have a house, or a possibility of whether we would use or need service from ATT. My wife ended up in the hospital with a virus issue that attacked her cardiovascular system, so yes a bit of stress.
Where we purchased a home, there is minimal service and at that time we decided to not have TV (no cable available) by a dish and used local dial up internet.
SO, we mailed out our equipment to you via UPS store early November. I made several attempts to call the 800-***-2020 number, and tried to get through the cancellation line and to no avail. I cannot sit for an hour on hold, and this is the ONLY way to communicate!!! Honestly that is crap. I tried, you can tell by your records that I sent the stuff in during November.
SO fast forward, I get another bill this week for $500+ .
I contact the 2020 number and did not go through the cancellation but customer service, who worked with me, I could not understand her very well but she moved me to cancellation, to another lady I could not understand very well. She told me it was taken care of, cancelled and a credit. SO, I see that there was a prorated credit of $99 but the charges from November still on there. this is ludicrous. You can see I had no service since August, especially since November. I am asking that you honor my cancellation per Nov 1 2016, and cancel this amount due.
I made a sincere effort to contact you to cancel, but all I had were my resources to mail back the equipment that you acknowledge you have received it, how can I have ANY service without equipment?
Is there any help with this issue? I honestly do not believe I owe this.
Thank you for your help,

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