Cancelling UverseTV after Rate Hike - Want to Jump Internet Price After and Won't Esc

I have UVerse TV and Internet.
I have had Internet in the past (24mbps - guy on phone said 18 but was incorrect) for almost 2 years before signing up for TV.
I signed up for TV in addition to Internet, at a differing date from my internet contract.

Now when wanting to cancel TV after price increase with confirmed (via phone rep) no additional benefits for the price,
they are claiming my internet will now be $20+ more expensive.

There is nowhere on my bill that shows a "bundle discount" - the internet and TV portions are separate and each have their own discounts, and the internet section has no mention of anything relating to TV services.

Why would my internet price see such a large increase when removing the separately added TV service?

I talked with a phone rep for 15 minutes without an explanation. They recommended I look up new subscriber rates to see why my rate would go up, but I am not a new subscriber. When I ask the same thing of ATT to look for new subscriber rates when my existing customer rate went up in the past, they say it is not applicable. When it is a billing benefit to them, suddently it makes sense. Amazing.

It took me 3 minutes to finally get them to escalate my call. I have no been on hold over 45 minutes.

This is ridiculous.
(also, why can I not tag a post with "On Hold" - "On" is a banned word?)

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