Cancer patient needs help



I have been a customer for a few years and have the triple package which is now $147.00 a month. I can not afford that since I am no longer working and have been through stomach cancer in 2017 and have more major surgery this month. I owe $164.00 and I dont have the funds and my services will be turned off July 13th. I get SS monthly. After I am discharged from the hospital, I wont have TV to watch. Comcast has no compassion for my situation..I think since they make millions every year they should give someone like me a break. My dedicated fax nummber that I need for doctors paperwork and my disability lawyer (dedicated fax line will be cut off as well) . Can someone help me? I thought comcast has compassion. I am very upset and stressed. TIA. I have been fighting for disability since early 2017.

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