Cannot connect devices to dvr - DirecTV

I have a new HR 44/500 DVR. I can live stream from my iPhone on the Direct TV app but cannot register my device or download a show from my playlist. I've tried everything- rebooting router, DVR. Switching wireless settings. Rebooting and resetting wireless settings. Wireless strength is fine. I thought it was STB services error but tech guy at ATT says its not. My samsung tablet cannot register as well - yet both can see a partial playlist from DVR.
Tech guy at ATT was stumped any ideas?

This question, "Cannot connect devices to dvr," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.


I have this same issue. Tech guy on the phone claims this is a known issue with HR44/500's, and has been since 12/14/16. I am skeptical - I got my Genie box installed on 12/8 and it has never worked.