Cannot connect HP C4780 printer to Technicolor TC8717T Modem - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Cannot connect HP C4780 printer to Technicolor TC8717T Modem", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. We recently switched from Frontier to Spectrum in December 2016, and all computers and phones connected to the new WiFi network without issue. However, the HP C4780 printer did not connect. I spent a several hours addressing this issue with the TC8717T modem - both with Spectrum Technical support, online forums, HP web sites, etc. without success.

Steps I took:
1 - Ensured the network passwords matched while running through the HP-guided software set up several times. Result each time: Unsuccessful connection.
2 - The HP C4780 and other HP Printers do not connect to a 5 GH wireless network, so I turned the 5GH band/network off while trying to connect the HP C4780 equipment to the 2.4 GH band. Result: Unsuccessful connection.
3 - Temporarily turned off the security password on the 2.4 GH network with Spectrum Technical Support and by myself to connect the printer. Result: Unsuccessful connection.
4 - Tried WPS to connect printer to WiFi network. Result: Unsuccessful connection.

Plugged my previous router into one of the Ethernet connections and re-connected the printer to the previous provider's WiFi network without issue. Now, when we want to print via wireless, we switch wireless networks before sending the print job. A workaround that works, but is not optimal.

As a next step, I recommend Spectrum provide very detailed instructions on how wireless HP printers can connect successfully with the Technicolor TC8717T modem. Several other examples are on the online forum boards with HP equipment and this modem, which indicates the issue is more global than isolated.

I now understand why the set up technician did not address connecting the printer to the network when he was on site.

This has been a very poor new customer and customer service experience. Unfortunately, I cannot promote or recommend Spectrum to others.

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Typical problem with HP connectivity. I had to call support and top notch tech took care of issue. You have to reset it once then reset config a 2nd time. Some software glitch with encryption.