Cannot overcome Error 772 on H23-600 and Protection Plans - DirecTV

Tried the refresh/resend thing. Tried powering off for two minutes to hard reboot. Tried resetting by pushing the red button next to the service card slot and nothing seems to be able to overcome the error 772. I know I had to do this for my two HD DVRs when I changed service from a classic package to the Ultimate as an employee of the company (to get the employee discount), but this non-DVR will not resolve its condition. STB cannot be used.

As an employee of AT&T I enrolled in the discount program in August, which changed my classic programming package (no longer made available) to the Ultimate package. What I hadn't noticed during this mechanisized account change was that the Protection Plan (PP) I had for 15 years had been removed without permission or notification and the Protection Plan Premiere (PPP) had been added without permission. PPP costs more than the PP.

This change in protection was made during a service call in late November early December for issues in reception on my HD DVRs. Someone in DirecTV added PPP to resolve the loss of PP during the August programming package change removed PP. Not sure how PP is no longer available for a change in programming, but not being told in advance of the PP-->PPP is like slamming customers with something they didn't ask for.

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