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You're supposed to be able to play downloaded content in "Airplane Mode." I put my iPhone in "Airplane Mode" and started the DirecTV app. It politely (and correctly) informed me that there was "No Internet can only access recordings already downloaded...." This make sense. I expect this. Good. Then it immediately shows me a list of my downloaded content, all 19 shows. Great! I didn't have to click on anything to get here. The app was smart enough to do this for me. Yeah DirecTV app! I then clicked the arrow to play one of the programs and got "Network Problem... Please check your network connection and try again..." (For the record, the same program started playing just fine on my home network earlier in the day. This is not file corruption.)

Really? Have others seen this? By definition there is NO network. The app had already determined this and offered up my list of downloaded content as my ONLY option. How could it then complain about a "Network Problem?" Is there anyone from DirecTV (or any forum guru) that can explain this? Is this part of the known list of issues related to downloads that DirecTV is working on?

If it helps in the debugging, I initially tried playing the content in an area where reception was very poor. My phone did indicate a very weak 3G signal. Nonetheless the app appeared to authenticate just fine and, after a minute or two, presented me with my list of downloaded content. When I attempted to play that content, I got a message saying there was problems with the network. I tried a few more times to no avail. Once back in an area where there was a strong LTE signal, I got similar messages complaining about the network. Hence I then tried "Airplane Mode" and you know that story (above)...

Is it possible that my attempt to play downloaded content in a weak signal strength area somehow hosed the app, got it confused? It really can't be file corruption. Once in the strong LTE signal area none of the 19 programs downloaded would play. It would appear that once the app felt the network was bad, there was no chaning it's mind. I restarted both the app and the iPhone with the same results.

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