Cannot use Xfinity Stream app on Roku - createDrmSession 403-102 error - XFinity

In an effort to summon the all-powerful , I am queueing in what appears to be a long line of people experiencing the 403-102 error. While trying to use the XfinityStream app on my Roku Streaming Stick.

I have my own Arris CM820A modem.

I have an Orbi Router with 2 satellites.

I talked to “Jane” in customer support who diligently walked me through her troubleshooting script before referring me to the Advanced Team. While I’m waiting for their call, I found another thread describing others having this challenge. I have:

  • Confirmed I can stream using the iPad app & web browser
  • Confirmed internet works everywhere else in my house
  • Confirmed that everything on the Roku EXCEPT the XfinityStream app works fine
  • Power cycled my modem
  • Power cycled my Roku
  • Signed out of the XfinityStream app
  • Re-authenticated on the XfinityStream app
  • Provided Jane with my 6-digit code to authenticate the Xfinity Stream App (not excited about providing password over the phone - will be changing...)
  • Had Jane confirm there is only one modem on my account
  • Connected the Roku stick to 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands of the Orbi system
  • ... and I’m guessing there’s more, but I’ll stop there.

I’m posting this primarily so that some magical algorithm determines I’m not a bot and will allow me to send a Private Message to the almighty, all-powerful with my CMAC, first name & last name in an effort for her to invoke whatever awesome power she has which should be at the fingertips of every L1 agent who ever hears 403-102 utter to them in the future.

Sorry I didn’t respond to an earlier thread. I could not find a way to respond - only post new...

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