Can't access DVR using new box and XR2 remote - XFinity

I went to Xfinity store and got an additional box for our home. It came with the "XR2" remote that has no "MyDVR" button. I am hoping there is a simple answer to this -- we seem to have no way to access our DVR recordings, set new ones, etc. Tech support took me down the path of using the "Xfinity" button, but there is no top-level DVR option there, or digging into the "Menu" options from there.

I also tried following the directions to program the A, B, C, or D buttons, but the options do not include DVR. Perhaps my box needs to be setup differently to "see" our DVR box? Is the XR2 remote only meant for people with the X1 service? Comcast has been pretty useless for me. I was on a chat with someone for a long time, then was told that a supervisor would be calling me. That was 2 days ago. Help!

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I just hit the red Xfinity button then at the bottom a "quick menu pops up", if you scroll over there is a DVR button.