Can't activate device (iPad) for downloading - DirecTV

To begin with, I consistently run into issues with this app. The most recent issue was that the DVR playlist on my iPad would not sync with the DVR. It showed shows that had long ago been deleted, and not show current/recent recordings. After losing the fight, I decided to delete and reinstall the app. Now I am having nothing but trouble.

Searching for your DVR;
Activating your DVR;
Registering your DVR -
Then hangs for 2-3 mins and I get "Lost internet connection. Check your network connection and try again".
I am connected, I never actually lose connection. My iPad is connected to the same wifi network as the DVR is. I can "Watch DVR" ... my playlist comes up, I can play anything in the list, but I can't download.

Im exasperated! I am about ready to dump DIRECTV and go back to Cable. I NEVER had these issues with downloading shows to my iPad for offline viewing with Xfinity. I fly a lot, so having off line viewing is very important to me. Any ideas??


This question, "Can't activate device (iPad) for downloading," is about DirecTV channels, programming, equipment, and sports.

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