Can't Change Programming Anymore Without Losing Credits? - DirecTV

Something odd and annoying happened to me tonight. I'm wanting to save some money so I was/am considering lowering to the Select package at least for a little bit. I'm 5-6 months in my two-year contract so I'm still under my first-year rate lock-in. Now in the past from experience your credits were account level and lowered all rates. I talked to two different agents tonight one over the phone and one via chat. Both said I'd lose my $38 in bill credits I receive a month if I lowered my rate plan, that I'd pay MORE and actually get less. That's just crazy to me and when did DirecTV start doing this? If I'm a customer I should get a promotional rate for one full year of no matter what plan I am on, not just to be locked in on what I have now.

Very annoyed and I'm sure this is a new AT&T policy, DTV never did this in the past. I really love my service still and can't complain too much but I do have to say this new policy is crap and makes me a little unhappy!

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