Can't directly tune to channel



We recently moved to a new house and Xfinity did a partial new install, which included a new version of a modem/router and new wifi-based TV boxes (smaller than the X1 DVR/box we used to have). Something that kept occurring is that we would receive error messages (varying error XRE #s) saying we would have to restart the system. The Xfinity residential service tech came back out and said that this is a common situation with 'the new system'. He simply instructs customers to first start a free on-demand movie, then attempt to tune into a live channel.

I take it this should not be a permanent fix. The tech said that this will happen until Xfinity works out the kinks with 'the new system'. Is there a permanent fix for these extra steps?

"Can't directly tune to channel," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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