Can't figure out how to use netflix?


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What model is your player? If you have a PS3, Xbox 360, or one of the newer devices you can play Netflix through that. Or if you have a smart tv that is another option. Do you have a laptop with HDMI capability? If so you could play netflix on your computer and plug your computer into one of your TV's HDMI inputs.


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If you cannot use any of those options, your cheapest option for Netflix on your TV would probably be the Google Chromecast which runs about $30-$40. A Roku player would also be a good option that provides more services than the Google Chromecast and would cost from $50-$100 depending on the model.
The Chromecast is worth the money, but the Roku definitely has more services. I am kind of surprised that Netflix wouldn't be available on your blu-ray player, particularly a Sony.
Yeah, not having Netflix on the Blu-Ray player sold in 2014 is a first for me. But who knows, is it possible that the other companies are paying the DVD producers more now to be the only offering made available easily?
I think it is certainly possible and I wouldn't rule out the other companies doing something like that. It is just weird that a streaming Blu-Ray player wouldn't have the service that the majority of people are most likely and wanting to stream.


when i got my blueray player I thought that it had Netflix on it but i can only find a few streaming TV apps. its a Sony, any suggestions?
Is it this model?
Sony Blu-ray Disc™ player with streaming - BDPS1200 Review - Sony US

I looked at the Blue ray players with wifi and they all have netflix. This model just says it streams over two hundred services but it does not list any by name like the other players. I looked in the manual and it seems you browse the internet to get to Netflix. I suppose your model simply goes on line like a browser. maybe it saves the link for easy connecton next time you use it.