Can't find channels!

I just installed my apex dt250a dtv conerter box i see that really the only reason that i got the box ... because I live in canada is to get channel 22 which is abc! I auto program my box... there is no manual program! and the signal on channel 22 ranges from about 10 to 100 percent and is never constant, is that normal? And I can't see anything on channel 22 but it doesnt say no signal im confused any ideas?! I HATE DTV!
'Bouncing' signals are normally faulty connections, low quality antennas (that can work perfectly on analog but suck on digital, since analog can travel farther and/or work with weaker signals) or the need to boost the signal. if your antenna is roof-mounted or outdoor the wind is one of the biggest contributors of bad/no/'bouncing' signal errors. even if it's barely breezy outside.

If you got coupons for two boxes i'd have bought two to test, of two different brands. some boxes are just terrible, like the RCA DTA800, falling short of expectations. i haven't had experience with your box or one like it, but i'd check the list of boxes in this forum and look for those with best reception.

DTV is a nice thing, but the fact of it being Forced on EVERYONE is wrong.
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Thank you very much as this is frustrating me and channel 22 never had very good reception so i will try another antenna (indoor by the way) but I am starting to think that i can not get that channel anymore!
I have the same problem with the CW (WAZE-TV Evansville), that used to be my daily family guy fix, but they're analog only, and appear to not be going digital, and i just cannot bring myself to watching what i can only see as a 'dying channel'. :(

but i have two new channels, RTN 25, Retro TV Network, which is better than TV Land (plays classics, not crappy original junk the way TV land has gone) and THIS TV, which plays movies the way HBO does.

Indoor antennas suck for DTV, even if they're labeled for DTV, because they get worse interference from other appliances, like fans and refrigerator compressors. DTV isn't as strong as analog, so that is a problem with indoor antennas. thankfully my trailer had a built in roof antenna, but the amp was shot. so i fixed it.

one thing i hate about DTV is rain/snow/wind fade. that pixellated crap that is constant with dish tv or satellite tv. i thought that was over when i cancelled Dish Network for good, now it's on OTA TV. arrgh!
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