Can't get 200 mbps with Realtek PCLe GbE HP laptop - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Can't get 200 mbps with Realtek PCLe GbE HP laptop", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. At one time I was getting 300+mbps service from Spectrum and then went back to basic which was 100 mbps at that time. Now that the basic service is 200 mbps I found I've never been able to get more 110 or so with the modem (m87420) connected directly from the street line. So I had a Spectrum tech out today and he determined that I can get 200+ mbps right up to my hp laptop from my router so signals to up to the computer are capable. So I'm stuck. I have a Realtek PCLe GbE controller and was able to update the driver for that from the Realtek site today (10.36.701.2019), running windows 10 latest and set for 1 gbps full duplex. Yet I only get 110-120 running speedtest and 130-140 running on my laptop. What next? Any ideas? At this point I'm ready to call it quits and live with what I have. Thanks

Can't get 200 mbps with Realtek PCLe GbE HP laptop?
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