Can't Get a Baseball Game on Only ONE t.v.!



While trying to watch a Braves baseball game ⚾ on Fox Sports (it is in my package and is listed for that time and channel). I tune in and get women's basketball instead. However this is ONLY on the living room t.v.! The bedroom t.v. shows The Braves game on the EXACT SAME CHANNEL at the exact same time!! I also can stream the game on my iPad and computer, again, on the exact same channel!! The only place the game won't play is in the living room and I am absolutely stumped how this is even possible, it is the same router. Having friemds watch the game with me at my house can't work as I am not having a crowd over in my bedroom!!!!!!😠

"Can't Get a Baseball Game on Only ONE t.v.!," is about XFinity-Comcast Television.

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