Can't get right antenna setup



I've been through the ringer on this antenna thing and can't quite get right. I have 2 antennas, 1 outside on the roof w 100 ft of cable leading to an a/b switch and 1 inside going to the same a/b switch both have a little amplifier they came w attached. Sometimes I can get 60 pct of the available channels but it fluctuates. I know which direction to turn the antennas. I have read about attenuators but my friend says slightly turning the antennas is attenuation in its own right. I have found that throwing money at it isn't the answer. Anyone have any ideas that could help? Both bought antennas work about as well as an old pair of rabbit ears I have. There are many trees in the neighborhood I live in.


Can't Get Right Antenna Setup

.....100 ft of cable leading to an a/b switch.....
That is a LONG run of cable. What kind is it? Is it RG-59U, RG-6U, or something else? Is it new and good quality or has it been around for years and years? A run of cable that long can actually attenuate signals rather than improve reception! If you have RG-59U, consider replacing it with RG-6U. Also, is there a way to decrease the length of this? For example, do you really NEED a 100 foot run or could you get by with a 50 or 75 foot run?
:welcome: Duderonomi,

I have found that throwing money at it isn't the answer.
Ezackly correctamundo. What you shoulda done is come here for advise first, THEN throw your money at it. :becky:

Duderonomi, we need you to go here: TV Fool and fill out the form with your exact address and the height of your roof antenna. (Please don't tell me it's one of those 150 mile Chinese wonders.) TVFool will automatically protect your address from prying eyes. I really doubt you'll need the indoor, if you get an outdoor antenna working properly.

You may just have two real POS antennas -- there's plenty of 'em out there. But we can't even tell what kind of reception you should expect without the TVFool data. Copy the link for sharing a few lines down the page to a reply message here.