Question: Can't get WCCO or KSTP via attic-mounted antenna



Hoping someone can help...

Hubby installed an RCA multi-directional amplified digital flat outdoor antenna (Model ANT800F) in the attic yesterday. We are now receiving all local OTA channels except the CBS (WCCO) and ABC (KSTP) affiliates. TV Fool report says we should be getting them. Local friends say they have no issues with those channels. Any thoughts?

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:welcome: Altowoman,

The problem may be caused by the type of antenna you chose. Omni-directional and multi-directional antennas can be very problematic when trying to receive DTV signals because they may receive a signal directly from a transmitter as well as secondary signals that are being reflected back to the antenna from other directions that have 'bounced' off of buildings or even mountains. That means identical signals are arriving to your antenna at different times and it confuses your TV tuner.

It you have foil-backed insulation in the attic walls or ceiling, it can dampen or reduce the signal strengths your antenna receives or it can be an unpredictable signal reflector, as can HVAC piping, steel chimney piping or anything metallic in the attic. Metal roofs are problematic for the same reasons.

Try moving the antenna to different locations around your attic and "scan for new channels" after every move. If that doesn't work, move the antenna outdoors and try several different locations before you mount it. As above, rescan for new channels every time you move it. Good luck and keep us posted.


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