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This question is about "Can't host Friend. Can't Ping/Traceroute to his public wan ip.", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. Wired connection.

Router make: Technicolor

Model: TC8715D

I made an account here because this issue is driving me crazy now. Me and my friends play a lot of video games together. However, there are some games that require the player to host a server for friends to join. Whenever we do play games like these, I can't join my friend's server and he can't join mine. When a different friend hosts, both of us can join his server and everything works fine. Dedicated servers like many multiplayer games are also fine and we have no connection issues there. We have this problem across all games that require player hosted servers. I tried many solutions like ipconfig /release /renew, resetting firewall, resetting router settings, and just unplugging and plugging back in the router power cable. There are moments when one of us hosts and the other can join and there would be no issue but this happens randomly and without either of us doing anything to our network.

Also tried a tracert to his publin wan ip and on the third hop and beyond, the request timed out. I've attached some images. However, when he does a tracert to my public wan ip, he fails the third hop but then completes the fourth hop perfectly fine.

A temporary solution we tried was him going on his hotspot on his phone and then connecting his computer to the hotspot. This actually allowed us to play player hosted games together.

We live fairly close and he also has spectrum internet. I was advised that it could be our routers that's having the issue and that port forwarding could resolve the issues. However, I still would like to know what's happening.

My public wan ip:

Friend's public wan ip:

I've tried calling spectrum support but I was told this issue is "beyond their scope". So I'm reaching out to the forums to get some help.

I'm not well versed in networking but I'll try my best to follow instructions. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you.

Can't host Friend. Can't Ping/Traceroute to his public wan ip.?
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