Can't pick up ABC

I have an HDTV with a built in digital tuner. I finally picked up an antenna today for the LOST premiere but my problem is this is the one channel I can't get. I used to have cable so I'm not familiar with antennas and am not really sure why this is the only basic channel I can't get at all. According to it should come in fine for me. I tried moving the antenna around and nothing. I just can't get any signal at all for it. If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

Additional info:
zip code: 45215
city: Cincinnati
Antenna: Philips sdv2210/27


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Your ABC station is WCPO. It is operating on VHF channel 10, and has well-known reception issues. A proper VHF antenna will be helpful in receiving this signal.

They have received permission from the FCC to relocate their signal to channel 22. This will likely happen in a few months, and make reception much easier.

- Trip


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Welcome to the "I can't pick up my ABC affiliate" club; you'd be amazed how many folks up and down the Ohio Valley are in the same boat with you. I've heard complaints from the Cincy, Louisville and Evansville markets.

One thing I would advise is to place the antenna as high as you can. If you can put it in the attic, that may help. In fact, it probably will help. There are two low-power VHF stations here in my area that I can get with an antenna in the room, but for whatever reason, our ABC affiliate's signal only comes in using the attic antenna, so that's where all of mine are.

It's one of the idiosyncrasies of DTV that VHF simply doesn't work very well, and still another that of the three markets that straddle the mighty Ohio River in this part of the country, it's the ABC stations that either got stuck with or chose to go with VHF. As Trip said, though, WCPO is moving to UHF, and those of us downriver can only hope our stations will eventually do likewise. I can tell you it would certainly make my life much easier!


WCPO has been weird lately. Sometimes it comes in great and shows a signal level at 2/3 strength, other times it drops to around 1/3 signal power which means there's no picture or sound available here. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to when it comes in or goes out as it happens at all different times of the day and night. Makes me think they're cutting their power down while doing some work on the antenna.

Try checking several times a day just to see if the signal is ever there. I'm almost 50 miles away from that station and can pick it up most of the time so you should be able to get it down there in Cincy at least some of the time too.


Cincinnati has always had bizarre reception

I used to work at Ch 5 and the bar across the street got a fuzzy picture from us. Due to the hills and in the case of the bar, our 9th Street building blocked our tower for them pretty well. Make sure the antenna has high channel VHF capability, or wait for the station to go to uhf as someone suggested. I bought an antenna for flat Florida that works well here RCA ANT751 WalMart has it, but cheaper online. It has high vhf and uhf capabilities-2 stations at 47 miles from me are vhf here in the West Palm market.

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