Can't program remote to control volume on Samsung TV - DirecTV

First off I have two remotes with my HR54-200. We have the old RC65RB (we kept it for the stop button which the new remotes don't have) and a newer RC73.
I received a new Samsung UN70KU6300 TV yesterday. I think it is considered DirecTV ready as it it's remote operates the satellite receiver (albeit with only a few buttons on the remote).
Using the old style DirecTV remote I tried to program it to control the volume of the Samsung. For the first time in my history I literally went through all 20 or so codes and none of them worked.
I also tried the new remote where it tries to set it up automatically and that failed.
Additionally I saw where it said to use the code 54000 for DirecTV ready Samsung TVs but that failed as well.
The volume is actually running through an Onkyo receiver but that worked fine with my Sony I had prior. I set up the DirecTV remote for a Sony and it would change the volume through the reciever when it was on.
Any help appreciated.

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