Can't receive some channels, we should have gone with cable


We applied for the coupons and received them too early, the places we went weren’t selling converter boxes yet. We tried a few more times, then put it off and the coupons expired, so we bought the boxes full price. We bought a few new TVs so we wouldn’t need converter boxes for them, and the salespeople assured us that they were DTV ready, but one of them wasn’t and we didn’t know in time to return it, so we got another converter box for that one. The picture is fine on many channels, but we are missing some channels we used to have on analog and have a bad picture on others. It is too late to return the converter boxes, so we’re keeping them instead of getting cable which we would prefer so we don’t waste the money we spent on the boxes. We are glad to have the Retro channel we didn’t used to have, but are missing 46-1 and 11-1, so we have to switch to analog to see them. I’m afraid we won’t get those channels at all once the transition is complete. A few other channels are missing on some TVs but available on others. I wish we had never gotten the converter boxes and got cable instead.
No no no! Don't get cable. Don't lose hope just yet!

You might wanna get in touch with some of those stations and see if they are doing any frequency changes and ERP power changes. Some channels will be cranking up the digital signal to full strength when analog is shut down.

Think of it like a scale, one side has digital, one side has analog, the analog weighs more, causing the digital to fall off the scale. When the analog is taken off, the digital is balanced again.
Be thankful you have Retro. that's one nice channel, and it's way better than that reality-infiltrated TV Land (which is on cable).

Sometimes i think my extra channels are better than my missing channels. :)

But i still hope WAZE comes back online.

Free DTV ota

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