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I can't view WMC TV 5 (5.1) with my indoor antenna, but I can view all other local channels with it. I have a TERK omni-directional amplified flat digital antenna but still can't pick up the channel. I've tried the standard rabbit ears antenna, but no luck.

The tvfool Signal Analysis Results are attached.



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:welcome: Collierville,

Sorry to say, your attachment is too small for me to view. If you could repost the TVFOOL resulting URL here, it can be seen full sized. Don't forget to include the actual height of your antenna in the survey. Thanks!



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WMC-5 is a low-VHF signal, and most indoor antennas have serious trouble receiving low-VHF signals. Seeing your full TV Fool report, as Jim requests, will help gauge exactly what action to take to try to improve the situation.

- Trip


If the OP can have an antenna mounted outdoors, the best type of antenna would be an all channel VHF/UHF combo antenna. Any place that still has the Winegard HD7080 or HD7082 available, I'd go with that. There's also the Winegard Freevision FHV45, which is a VHF-Hi/UHF by default, but includes the additional elements to add to the antenna for those (like the OP) who need VHF-Lo. For Antennacraft the 5884 would be ideal. Now if the OP would like separate VHF & UHF antennas, then the Antennacraft CS600 would be needed for VHF & any 4 bay antenna for UHF (or 2 bay).

With 3 stations south of all the other Memphis stations, the OP will have to decide if religious stations WBUY (RF 41) & WWTW (RF 34) are important (WWTW might simulcast WTWV), & if PBS station WMAV (RF 36) is important. If not, then just 1 antenna (or 2 if VHF & UHF will be separate) pointed somewhere between 308° & 330° (rough estimate to try & get all Memphis stations in that direction). If WWTW, WBUY, & WMAV are important, then either a rotator is needed for a single antenna, or a VHF/UHF antenna for Memphis stations, & a UHF only antenna on a rotator for up to 3 stations south of the main Memphis stations. With WBUY being in the exact opposite direction of the main Memphis stations, it'll likely be picked up off the back side of the antenna with no trouble. So the decision will be if WWTW & WMAV are important.


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I would like to note that a long time ago there was a poster from near Kearny, NE who was trying to get KHAS on channel 5 with a green level signal, and the Winegard HD7000R worked for him. Karlo also uses them in Las Vegas for KSNV (RF2).


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Collierville may be searching links to see what feeds he does and doesn't want.
I didn't mean to sound abrupt earlier post just had to go.
I pointed to his market page at rabbit ears and suggested he might want to use a online program guide
to see what's out there he might want.
I suggested if all he wanted was the NBC feed (+bounce and this) he could try adding a dipole which if cut to the right length
has almost as much gain on channel 5 as the Winegard HD7000R The the Winegard HD7000R would be a good choice if he wants other channels besides just 5 and what he gets now.

I hope you post your decision and results.

James Kim

I have a large outdoor antenna in attic for my 55 in dig tv. I get all local channels in memphis, TN, except channel 18, a WMAV. Any suggestions?