Ok here is my issue and it may sound stupid but I have no clue about any of this. We have had comcast for many year just recently we turned off the cable and phone but still have internet. We never purchased converter boxes because comcast had it takin care of. So no what do I do to be able to watch tv. We have an antenna in the attic and all of our tvs are new so I think they are all digital (maybe) I would assume. Will we still need a converter box?? Or are we able to just hook up to the antenna?? Will all our tv's go off the one antenna?? Or do we need to purchase other things? Im so confused. Help please

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:welcome: Cathy!

If your TV sets have digital tuners (you can Google their specifications) they do not require converter boxes. The antenna in your attic may or may not be adequate or the best type for digital TV reception because many stations changed the 'actual' channel they broadcast on. If you could share a photo or two of your current antenna, we can determine how well it will (probably) work for you.

Next, go to TV Fool and run you own free antenna survey, then share the resulting URL with us. Be sure to insert the actual height above ground level where your antenna is currently located. That website will automatically conceal your personal information for your security.

Have you located the coaxial cable from the antenna and is it completely seperate from the paid-tv cable? If so, connect it to one tv set for testing. Go into the on-screen menu and change it from Cable reception to Terrestrial or Antenna Reception. Then, perform a "Scan for channels" also using the on-screen menus.

Please let us know what happens and welcome to the world of FREE TV reception!