CBS Best - Two and a Half Men

I'm blown away by the fact that Two and a Half Men, a CBS show that premiered in fall 2003, still manages to come up with gold medal quality, (okay, humor me, it is Olympic time) rip roaring comedy every season. CBS has a superb cast starring Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer, although in my opinion, it is Canchata Ferrell that steals the show each week as Berta, the housekeeper. Anybody else have a favorite on the show?


OK i really don't have a whole bunch of time for tv, but charlie sheen is hilarious on that show. He plays the perfect mid-life crisis i have every seen. Its amazing.


I really love the way Charlie Sheen acts on this tv show. It makes me laugh everytime i watch an episode. It's definitely one of the best tv shows made. :p


The Harper family and Berta. Of course it's funny. I think Charlie Sheen has come a long way in his acting career and his personal life. Kudos to him. I wonder how his dad, Martin Sheen, feels about the show?


I do not watch alot of network TV, but I do make a point of watching this show every Monday night, as well as reruns during the week. Charlie Sheen is perfect for the role. I'm glad they never tried to change his character and have him settle down.
Charlie Sheen is a pig, but the guy just has this ability to make you want to watch him. lol that sounds weird...but, hi! This is my 2nd post and I sound like a whacko. :p


I think Charlie is supposed to be a pig, but a lovable pig. I think his character is somewhat of a mirror image of Charlie Sheens actual life. It's a bit to the extreme, but probably pretty close to reality.

betty boo

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i really don't like two and half man because the way they always trying to get women in bed. i don't think it is right of grown men to show a kid that is what a women is good for. when women is more than just bed partners to be used in any way that a man sees fit. they really don't have any respect for women this all this show is about and i don't find it funny.
Charlie Sheen playing a character who is pretty much himself combined with John Cryer and the rest of truly funny and brilliant cast--and a great writing team make that show funny.


I love the show too. Charlie is a pig, but soooo typical male! Allen is pathetic! Jake is a typical teenage boy. Then throw Berta in the mix and the show is hillarious.

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