CBS Moneywatch: Cut the Cord on Your Cable TV


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From The Article:
All you disgruntled cable customers out there — in other words, anyone who is not a cable executive — now is the time to rejoice. With the latest improvements in technology and growth in online content, you can disconnect the cable box without giving up TV. In fact, the number of cable TV and satellite subscriptions fell last year for the first time in the history of the business.

To be sure, ditching your cable or satellite provider isn’t exactly painless, especially if you’re a sports junkie. (You didn’t think your cable company was going to make this easy, did you?) But with a moderate amount of research and tinkering, you can replicate much of what you’d be getting via your cable subscription for significantly less money. In my own case, I used to pay more than $100 a month to the cable company; now I pay about half that for a combination of streaming, downloaded, and over-the-air content.

Here’s a quick primer on ways to keep your TV screen lit up with entertainment, news, and sports, without surrendering to Big Cable.
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