CBS/MY44 out of sync after 9 PM. JakesDTVBlog may want to read this

Jake and anyone in the Tri-state (Owensboro/Evansville) markets. MY44 (CBS 44.2) after 9PM is always out of sync. i can only describe it as the video and audio are out of phase. the lips move a few seconds after the audio is heard, like trying to watch a Youtube video on an older computer. it's getting annoying but thought i should alert those who can contact or let the blog know. it only happens at 9PM, Sat-Sunday.


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I'll let the folks at the station know, but I can't raise anyone before Monday. I had surgery yesterday and am still in recovery mode. Have been doing a lot of sleeping and just happened to notice this post when it came across on Twitter.

If you get a chance between now and then, you can call WEVV at 812-464-4444 and tell the operator about the problem. Be sure to describe exactly what happens and when. One thing I do know is that she'll make sure any questions/comments/etc. get directed to the proper department. Good folks to deal with over there.
thanks i'll try that. i hate it because most of my TV viewing is at 9pm. Frasier and Cold Case i can't stand watching it so out of sync right now. the video is 5 seconds or so behind the audio. some would find it funny but two weeks straight the humor is wearing thin


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The key thing I tell people is never be afraid to call the station directly. If they're unaware there's a problem, they can't fix it.

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