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CSI is renewed, but not its spinoffs, at least not yet, which is interesting. One of my new favorites is probably down and out, that being A Gifted Man. Then again, I did not like the way the last third of the season went. H 5-0 is a go, of course. It's been super. The show with James Caan was absolutely terrific. My other favorite of the newbies, Person of Interest, was renewed. It's a little too violent in my opinion, but I like it anyway. Unforgettable is not renewed as yet. That's the Poppy Montgomery show where she left her blonde locks behind and went redhead. I actually like it, though her wardrobe is inappropriate for a police detective in my view.

Full Story on the 18 shows renewed today is here.


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Thanks for keeping us updated, Orry. Keep it up!

Sometimes I get so busy, and lost in the "tech" that I lose track of the new and cancelled shows.

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