CEA Poll: 8% of People Who Don't Use Caller ID Don't Pay for TV


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Gary Shapiro, Spin Artist in Chief of the Consumer Electronics Association recently released the results of a telephone survey purported to prove that free over the air television viewership is going down. Based on the results only 8% of Americans supposedly rely exclusively on over the air television for their television viewing.

What Mr. Shapiro isn't willing to point out is that polls can be easily engineered to get the answers you want. Call the right people, in the right neighborhoods, with the right questions, and get the "right" answers.

One set of data that Mr. Shapiro presumably has access to that could support his case is over the air TV antenna sales. After all Shapiro is head of the CEA, a trade group that includes antenna manufacturers and antenna sales companies. All Mr. Shapiro would have to show is data showing that overall antenna sales have decreased since June of 2009. Problem is I’m sure Mr. Shapiro knows what that data would show. 2003 startup company, Antennas Direct, sold $8.7 million worth of antennas last year and had a 225% increase in sales in the first quarter of 2011. Even more recent startup, Mohu, reportedly sold 2400 of their “Leaf” indoor antennas in a single week. Mr. Shapiro would have to show that these explosive numbers are only isolated anomalies, and not representative of the industry as a whole. I really doubt that a blatant spin artist such as Mr. Shapiro is up to the challenge.




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