Central Jersey Antenna Selection

Ok, first off, my TVFool report.

Goal is simple, want to get the majors (NBC/CBS/PBS) OTA. The rub is that my wife wants to keep some NY stations, so it's WABC (preferred) or WNBC (looks to be hard, and not our fav channel).

From the power output, I think I can get PBS with some tin foil and a coathanger :D. The issue I have is I'd like to keep the antenna discreet as possible (attic mount, 2 story - 45 pitch, so I have some space). Downside is the 90-270 sides are aluminum sided...so some issues there.

Is there a good off-the-shelf antenna that would work to pull in the semi weak signal of WABC, and somehow pull in the stronger stations of interest. Also not afraid to go a DIY route, since I do feel comfortable with a soldering gun and drills.
GREAT TVFool Report, chrom, but the aluminum siding at 250 may be the immovable object. Even a little leaf antenna in a west side window might be better. (To know for sure, you'd have to experiment.) To get those NY stations 52 miles away, I fear you'll need an outdoor installation.

Unless... can you get Aereo in your neighborhood? Happy wife makes a happy life... :thumb: