CenturyLink is digging up the ground in my front yard!



I received a notice last week that CenturyLink was going to be digging around my property to install upgrades to all customers for the area.

Well, I'm not a customer of theirs, and it looks like as of this last Friday, they started on 10 different homes in our subdivision including my house. They have huge holes dug and tore up my front lawn. It seems crazy to start a job like this on a Friday and not work straight through the weekend.

Has this happened to anyone here before? Did CenturyLink replace what they tore up?


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Did they say what they were installing? What city/state are you in?

You could hope that it's their prism service which is like AT&T U-Verse which is fiber optic based.


Digging by Centurylink

We have the same thing going on. We are a master planned community outside of Phoenix and in 2009 Qwest (now Centurylink) installed fiber optic in our neighborhood. All our boxes were upgraded and it was a very big deal transition wise. Just curious why they are digging when we already have the advanced fiber optic installed?? What are they up to?


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Twice in our neighborhood cable companies have installed ugly things on the edges of homes, usually every 3rd one or so. Fortunately, it was not ours ever but it's always ugly. ... and those companies never even lasted.


CenturyLink tore up my back yard

Yes, they tore up by back yard and possibly damaged a sprinkler head (I can't find it in the mess). No, they have not fixed it yet. They're playing the blame game with their contractor, TelCom. We'll see what happens this week. It has been a few weeks now. Next time they stick a shovel in my yard they had better bring the sheriff or it won't be pretty.