Certain live shows - get rid of cable box/dvr - TWC TV and Apps

I have a Roku 2 and a 3, was wondering to watch live TV for certain shows for example:

Ghost Adventures - travel channel
mountain men - history channel
Ice road truckers - history channel
Real housewives all on Bravo -
Masterchef - Channel 11 -KTTV
Nick jr and Disney jr
investigation ID
Discovery channel

i have noticed that since i did not have a TW cable box anymore i was not able to watch any of these shows unless i had the basic or standard (basically the tv package that has these providers bravo etc) this sucks to say the least. so i got the box back just watch the shows and record them as live again this sucks. I really want to get rid of cable all together and just have internet 100mb with Roku. there has to be a way to watch live TV of all these shows. I tried a trial verison of Playstation VUE and PS vue says they provide Live tv that is not true.