Chad Johnson changed his name to Ochocinco??


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Watched Dancing with the Stars this week and the judges were talking about Ochocinco aka Chad Johnson, which I thought was just a nickname for him since his team number for the Bengals is actually eighty five. Apparently I haven't been watching enough football over the past couple of years because he legally changed his name back in 2008.

According to Wiki,

Johnson legally changed his name to Chad Javon Ochocinco on August 29, 2008.[2] The Cincinnati Bengals decided to allow him to have it on the back of his jersey,[33] though Ochocinco continued to wear his old "C. Johnson" jersey during the 2008 football season,[34] because of contractual obligations with Reebok. He has played with "Ochocinco" on the back of his jersey since the 2009 preseason.[35] He wanted it to read "Ocho Cinco" but the NFL will only allow his legal name as spelled on his name change paperwork.[36]
but oh, it gets better,

Ochocinco announced on his live USTREAM broadcast that he will be legally changing his last name to “Hachi Go” next season. He also held up a Customized Cincinnati Bengals Jersey with the last name "Hachi Go" on the back. Just as the words Ocho Cinco translate to 8 and 5 in Spanish, the words Hachi Go (八五) translate to 8 and 5 in Japanese. [37]
Weird. :dunce:


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Seriously? Really? The guy is nuts, if that is the case. Well, actually, decades back when I was watching One Life to Live all the time, the actor who played Brad suddenly changed his name. Seriously. Just now I couldn't remember the specifics, so I looked it up. This is the answer to a question from somewhere on the web where someone asked about the name. He didn't keep it for years, though. He only used it for the term of the bet, which was for one year. I remember vividly when his name suddenly appeared as Blizzard after being Fletcher, and then a year or so later, it went back to Fletcher. Amazing!

"Steve Fletcher, who plays Hank, did use a different last name while on One Life to Live - at least, for awhile. When he first joined the cast, he used the name Fletcher, but then he lost a bet and became Steve Blizzard. What kind of bet? One Chicago winter, in the city where he hails from, Fletcher told an acting pal he could grab on to a car bumper during a snow storm - evidently, this is a Chicago tradition. He lost, and he had to change his name to Blizzard. For several years, that name appeared on his resume, actor's union card and credit cards. A few years back, he decided the bet was over and went back to Steve Fletcher."

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You wrote: One Chicago winter, in the city where he hails from, Fletcher told an acting pal he could grab on to a car bumper during a snow storm - evidently, this is a Chicago tradition.

Not only in Chicago. When I was a kid we did that in Seattle and it was called "Hookey-Bob". Years later I told my Nephews who grew up in New Mexico and they were amused by the name as they had never heard it before.



Lol, the guy is hilarious! If I was a Steelers/Browns/Ravens fan I might not like his antics as much, but I had him on my fantasy football team, so it was always great when his touchdown antics lead on sports center I knew I got me some points :D


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That's neat, Jim. I had never heard of that myself, but I'm from California. Snow is not part of my existence on a regular basis. lol