"Chained CPI" - a moral and economic disaster disaster in the making.


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View attachment 2293 Perhaps you've heard that many of our illustrious CongressCritters - and now the President - are considering implementing a little voodoo economics trick called "chained CPI" to re-calculate cost-of-living increases for social security beneficiaries. In simple terms, it assumes that if someone can't afford prime rib, they will switch to chuck steak, and when they can't afford steak, they will "choose" a cheaper meat like chicken. That makes sense, doesn't it? Why should grandma be eating prime rib, anyway?

But, can anyone tell me what's wrong with this flawed logic? Well, lets carry it out to its logical conclusion. What if Grandma can no longer afford chicken? I suppose she could eat tofu, but when Granny can't afford tofu? Dog food? What's next, dirt? Think about this long and hard. When our retired population can no longer afford to feed themselves, who will feed them?

What politicians really like about this plan is that most people will not see this as a benefit cut or a tax increase - when, in fact, it is BOTH.

Our politicians have decided that millions of hard working American citizens who paid into social security can be thrown under the bus. I urge you to educate yourself about what this really means, and let your representatives know that supporting this dirty trick is both economic and political suicide.

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