Question: Chances Of Getting A Station At "-15.6 NM(db)"(Extreme Fringe Area)


TV Fool

My main goal is to get channel 22(66) Fox that is 2 edge and 23.5 miles away showing -15.6NM(db) at 35ft high antenna...and does not change going to 60ft to 10.ft, maybe 1/2 NM(db) at the most...only have hills between me and the transmitter...

"My main question is (without buying an exspensive Wade antenna)...what would you recommend to us for an UHF antenna or stacked antennas, preamps, etc???...I have considered 2- 91xg's or the new DB8e, even a DIY if had to..."

P.S. Using just one new Samsung HDTV with 50ft RG6 coax no splitters...


The Graveyard Shift
To even have a chance (assuming TVFool's prediction was incorrect) you would want something with a combined gain of 20+dB.

This would involve 2 or more 91 element antennas. Or two or more large tribooms. Or a parabolic UHF dish or two.

With this extreme gear you will need your mast to be well guyed, or consider a professionally installed steel lattice tower.

You will need to ensure all antennas are within sweet spots, so that one does not just re-emit the signal from another.

You will need a signal meter and someone who knows how to use it.

You will need a VERY low noise preamp to have any chance aswell.

You will need very deep pockets as you are looking at something that will cost over a thousand bucks by the time it is completed (assuming you have and can use a digital signal meter).

You may get better results using your exact location on TVFool. (it doesnt tell us what that is).

In all honesty, the chances of you pulling this off, even with professional help, are slim to none.
If you're going to spread your question to every forum you can find, at least include relevant information so that the guys don't waste their time with inadequate info.

Important stuff like you're behind a big, honkin' hill and you're surrounded by trees would be things to disclose.