Change in wi-fi router config after Time/Warner -> Spectrum - Time Warner Internet

This question is about "Change in wi-fi router config after Time/Warner -> Spectrum", with Time Warner Cable internet and apps. This post is really geeky, but it may help someone else out there who has the problem I just solved... I am a software developer who often sets up development sites on my home server for my clients to browse my trial web pages during project development. After doing this for many years, suddenly a week or two ago nobody could view my web pages any longer. After much debugging, I discovered that my home Linksys wireless router needed a reconfiguration. In the security section of the router configuration I had set up port forwards for http, https, ftp and other common ports. The config originally used IP for these, but I had to change all these to in order to get my machines back on the internet at large. Essentially I suddenly was firewalled. I'm not sure why, but this all happened about the time Time/Warner switched to Spectrum in the Moscow Idaho/Pullman Washington service area. So, what did they change down at the home office I wonder???

This topic covered Change in wi-fi router config after Time/Warner -> Spectrum, and TWC cable internet service.
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