Changed Passwords - Now either can't get into email or DirecTV

Due to Yahoo hack, on SEP 22, 2016 changed 2 different ATT passwords. One was - - now can get into email but cannot get into DirecTV. One was - - now can get into DirecTV but cannot get into email. This is sooooo frustrating. I did not want the accounts linked and to my knowledge never linked them. Was a good thing I have one email being forwarded to another email or I would miss very important information. How many of my other accounts not related to ATT that used the old passwords and same emails have issues?

Can't get to any help with this, not even CHAT as have to be specific to where want to be. Says go to Email support, but that is nothing but read this read that. Even on this forum have to make choices which don't apply. Don't have time and patience for this. I am not at the house where my account is registered. I use a different internet service here as ATT not available in the country. I mainly use Chrome.

So how can I get this corrected??????????? This would not let me upload my pictures of the information I receive. I am sooo frustrated with this situation. I chose places to post, please direct to the right location. Thank you.