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I recently added a channel to my xFinity Favorites Guide, it added the channel but it also added the same channel with a 4 digit channel number above 1000. Example: I added FNC Channel 265 to the Favorites Guide; it also added FNC Channel 1110. If I try to delete the higher numbered channel, it also deletes the lower numbered channel. So my Favorites Guide now has to contain both channels so I can use one of them. There does not appear to be any difference when viewing either channel; content and appearance appears to be identical.

What is going on here? I read through some of the threads and saw references to standardizing channel numbers nationwide. I do live in the Chicagland area and it was mentioned as one of the test areas. Are these four digit channel numbers part of that program? If so wouldn't it seem reasonable to let the users/customers in on the secret? A simple billing insert notice would help, there are some of us that do read them.

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