Channel 7, San Fransisco, CA - No DTV Reception

I get all channels clearly (even new ones) except for Channel 7 (ABC). I get no signal. Some of my favorite programs are on 7! I live in El Cerrito, CA (San Francisco Bay area). I have a rabbit ears antenna. I do not want an outside antenna. At some point I did get the channel, but not recently. Same for Channel 2, which I did get, but no longer get.

I keep scanning, and channels are available, then not available. So if I am getting weak signals, is there something I can do to my antenna to fix it?

What should I do? Should I wait until June, and the complete digital transition? Is the problem with me or with the Channel?

Do I need an outdoor antenna? If so, what kind? Or will my rabbit-ears work after June? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Are you using a converter box, or is this on a digital TV. We'll probably need your zip code to determine how far away you are from the broadcast towers. Anything over 25+ miles will put you into a outdoor antenna category.


7 digital is on UHF now, but is moving to the old analog VHF frequency in June,
so whatever you set up to receive it now, you will have to change it in the summer.
My zip code is 94530. I don't think channel 7 is far away.
My rabbit ears antenna has 2 settings: VHF and UHF. But I can't get the sound on one of them (I am not home now, so I don't know which one, but i]I think it's VHF.
I get other stations clearly. Sometimes signals are weak, but for the most part it's ok. It seems to vary by time of day.
I am not a techie, so please keep your replies simple enough for a tech-challenged person to understand.
Will Channel 7 come in in June?

I am now not getting Channel 2. Sometimes I get it, sometimes not.
I scan frequently. (auto --scan). EZ-scan does not seem to pivck up any channels. Why?

Thanks for any advice you can give me.
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