Channel Guide for my Account - Time Warner TV

This question is about "Channel Guide for my Account", with Time Warner Cable TV and apps. Whenever I select the GUIDE at the bottom of the main page displayed after logging in to the Spectrum website, I see that ALL PREMIUM NETWORKS ARE DISPLAYED as HiDef (HD) channels with the HD designation in the Premium network name for HBO, MAX, SHO, Starz, etc. Essentially we are talking about all the channels starting at 511 through 640 (HBO - HDNET).

However this is not the case when I view these channels on any of my HD or DVR boxes when I select the GUIDE display on the remote.

As an example: HBO channels 519-524 are displayed with non-HD name descripters like HBOSW and are in fact SD channels.

Can anyone explain why we are shown the Premium networks as being all HD rather than some being SD as they are displayed on our Guide display from the remote.. This applies to the Spectrum GOLD package. Are some areas really receiving all the Premium networks in full HD somewhere? I live in south east South Carolina. I cannot get a straight answer on this disconect. At one point I as told it was because I was still on the old TWC configuration. But that is no longer the case as I have Spectrum GOLD service now.

This topic covered Channel Guide for my Account, and TWC cable tv service.

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