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Been reading around and came up on a classic channel master 4215 antenna. Form want I have read about this great antenna it is a dream and rounds circle around antenna used today. Had a very high gain with exertem range. Does anyone on the forum know about this antenna and want antenna comes closest to them. THanks curt_dawg


Hey, curt: Joe Roberts has a rather extensive tribute page chronicling a couple of decades' worth of his experiences with the CM 4251, and a whole bunch of other antennas, too.

There really isn't anything like it on the market right now. Roberts claims that CM plans to resurrect the 4251, but has been held back due to the soft economy for the past couple of years. Restored 4251s pop up for sale now and again, but be warned: Sellers ask for, and apparently get, $1,000 for a refurb!
yea that was article I was reading early today on the internet. Looks like quit an antenna, doesnt make since that there itsnt one like that on the market today, channel master in there day was quit the outfit. I am sure with the techonoly we have today and the different metals they could be something similiar to the 4251 come up with, not real sure throw if antenna makers are really interrested in doing that. It will be interresting to see if channel master does come back out with the 4251 or not

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From what I've read online, the highest gain Commercially built "home" antenna setup available (until very recently) is an Antennas Craft G 1483 16-Bay Hoverman. I bought mine on Craigslist. The seller bought it new online about a year ago and he used it inside his apartment with great results in spite of his compromised location.

Each 8-Bay 'panel' measures about 62" x 30" (over 10 sq. ft.) so it would require a guy-wired mast if used outdoors, as would a CM-4251. The link below is a photo of the actual setup I bought and I'm waiting for favorable weather to arrive so I can test it. DTV USA Forum - Jim In Seattle's Album: Other Antennas - Not Yet Tested - Picture

Also, there is currently available an antenna similar to the CM-4251 made by Wade Antenna Ltd. If you want to know its cost, you probably can't afford it! I sure can't!

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