Channel Master CM 7777 vs Channel Master CM 7778

ok ....back to the drawing board with the pre if u use any of the above simulations ( like swhoston and u guys are talking about) then the power to the pre amp is supplied from WHERE....that kinda got confusing cause I know that of the two ports on the amp one must get supplied power....RIGHT.....shrugs..someone detail that for me....i get that u need a splitter at some point.....but the power passing slitter allows for u to pass straight through to the amp without running an extra cord I'm talking it...and then the inserters are needed then as a BLOCK from that to the TV cause of the eletrical current? like I said DETAILS DETAILS Lol


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As I listed in my post #28, the Inserter is placed inline with the Cable coming from your Splitter, and, that is usually done fairly close to the TV. You can actually put it anywhere in line, as long as you have a Power Passing Splitter. It sorta is like a "T", you put it in line, and a short piece of Coax comes out of the side of it, and screws onto a small Power Supply, which plugs into a Wall Electrical Outlet.

And yes, the 8 Set Splitter is ok, but, don't use any larger (outlet) splitter than necessary.


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ok the adventure continues...and yeah I know I'm needy guys but anyway lol we won't go there

I'm the proud owner of this Winegard AP-8700 Digital Preamplifier 18 Db Gain Low Noise (615798100186) | eBay

and I got my power passing slitter..... here Eagle Aspen P-1000-2AP-GX 2-Way Splitter (P-1000-2AP-GX) from Solid Signal

now I have a question.....this UHF only amp I had order before....this metal thing that pluged into the wall right before it ran into the TV is this ALSO a power insert thingy? ...and if it is then I only need ONE more for the other TV?


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No, the "T" Power Inserter goes immediately after the Coax comes from the Splitter.
Usually, after the Coax comes into the Room, you use a short piece of Coax, to get
it in-line, then out of it to the rest of the system.
All other equipment is connected PAST it, or beyond it. and you only need one.
The other TV/Room can receive it's signal directly from the Splitter.

Besides your one reference to a 8700 some posts ago, I don't think that any of us said that one would be best.
I believe it's a dual 300 ohm input, with one "F" (Coax) out.
But aren't you just going to use one Antenna ?
I don't think the 8700 has a combining switch.

Or am I having another "Grey Hair" day ?
The 8700 has a single 75 ohm input. You are thinking of the 2870 which does in fact have two 75 ohm inputs & won't work with combo antennas.

Only for joining one VHF antenna with one UHF, will NOT pass VHF/UHF on just one antenna
ok I'm again LOST....the SPECTS for this particular pre amp said it was DUEL band I'm supposing thats the preferred with a antenna with both since the single band was the wrong one I order this wasn't the top of the line CM 7777 I orginally started talking about with this tread but it IS or DOES say DUEL band...isn't that what I needed?////
so the last thing needed here to finish this up....this "power inserter" ......any suggestions on brands etc that are the best? well, hold up let's not get TOO carried away money wise now...let's just say....a good one for the price lol....ok ok so I'm cheap....I've spent TONS on this set up so far (not the mention a few dollars that went way side via mistakes like that FREAKIN cheap UHF ONLY piece of crap) lol..
ohhh ok...SO..this freaking pre amp...refurshied...didn't come with paper you guys suggest the FM Trap off?.....AND can anyone tell me WHICH setting is right I can't find it on the web...looks like a freaking light switch down in there?.....ok so....

ok so I got the amp
the power passer
the power inserter
now to the coax.....
think I already got all that covered

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