Question: channel missed


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hello everyone, i have a dilemma or problem, i checked out in another forum that i am signed and in a discussion somebody said that could watch a tv station that i can not tune in in my television and converter boxes , already do not understand the why, i have a antenna with reflector of 15Db of gain , the wires and cables used are RG6 and i am using a splitter truspec for satellite television of two outputs for divide the signal to two televisions and already do not understand what i did wrong,

always have problems with the television channels , signals with strong fluctuations, sometimes in winter the image in HD gets MPEG artifacts in the objects edges and gets some hiccups and already do not understand what is wrong, nobody else in all Santiago have those problems like i have and i really i do not know or understand where is the wrong point in my installation.

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any ideas?

there is now my antenna installed and tightly secured
best regards