Channel reception question

Hi! I was wondering if someone might be able to help me?

About four months ago I decided to stop receiving cable,because I would rather use that money for my kids and we really didnt watch that much of it anyways.
So,I bought the "Antennas Direct DB4E Antenna" and I have it mounted on my roof betwen 20 and 25 feet above the ground,I live in a rural area about 80 miles from Fargo,ND and about 200 miles from Minneapolis,MN.(Zipcode 56567)

So,far its been Ok,been having withdrawels,but Im sticking with it.
I have always received channel 12 which is CBS(out of Minneapolis) and that is always high def same with FOX(out of Fargo) and thats channel 19,channel 17 which is ABC(out of minneapolis) and that isnt the clearest kinda like the OTA channels of my youth and then we get like 5 PBS stations.Like I said this has all been ok and I keep telling myself that I can live with it.

So,last night my wife says that the antenna must not be working because none of the channels are coming in,I thought it was strange because there wasnt anything out of the ordinary,slight breeze just a little humid.
So,I did a channel scan and for about 5 hours I was receiving all these different channels about 40 of them!! I would only continue to get the original PBS stations I normaly recieved.

I was getting everything in high def. Channel 9 FOX out of Minneapolis,Channel 5 ABC out of Minneapolis and CBS channel 4 out of Minneapolis and some Weather channel on channel 2,I was also getting these channels in the 40's like shopping,ION and some movie Channel,but the greatest of all I was getting these sub channels 5.1,5.2 ect,.that were Twin Cities stations that were showing older sit coms. And when I woke up this morning the new channels were gone and the old ones were back.

Does anyone know what might of happened? how was I able to get all those channels for that short period of time? Is there anyway that I could continue to get them on a regular bases? If so,there would be no reason for me to even think about going back to cable.

Sorry for going on and on,I didnt knowhow else to explain myself.
Thanks for any help

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